Fresh Air and Your Baby

Did you know that fresh air is just as important and necessary for the baby as for the adult? During the early weeks of life, the air baby breathes must be warm but, it must be warmed fresh air. Your baby requires fresh air just as much as he needs pure food.

During the early days, say after the third week, baby should be well wrapped up with blankets and hood, tucked snugly in his basinet or stroller, while the windows are opened wide and your little one is permitted to enjoy a good airing. Even in the winter months the windows may be raised in this way for a few minutes each day. These “airings” may be for few minutes at first, and, as your child grows older, they may be gradually increased to few hours daily. The stroller or basket should stand near the window, but not in a direct draft. At six weeks, perhaps an hour a day in the fresh air is sufficient; while at six months, four to six hours a day are healthy.

A young baby may enjoy the fresh air in his stroller or crib on the porch, on the roof under suitable awnings, in the yard or under the trees. In fact, at proper age and in season, your child may spend some of his time out of doors in the fresh air, if he has proper protection from the sun, wind, cold and insects. As long as he is snug under warm blankets and that his finger tips are warm, you may know he is warm all over, and a long nap is therefore enjoyed in the cool fresh air. Parents you do have to be cautious under certain weather conditions as per:

1. When the weather is very hot, take him out only in the early morning and late in the afternoon.
2. In extremely cold, below zero weather, let his airing be indoors close to a window as per example.
3. Sharp and cold winds may be uncomfortable to baby’s ears, his little nose and eyes. In the case of dust or sand storms, keep your baby in the house.
4. Children enjoy the rain. In the case of baby’s outing on rainy days, ample roof protection is the only factor to be considered; if it is adequate, then take him out; if it is lacking, let the airing be done indoors.

It has been long thought that sunlight and fresh air is in some way healthier than indoor or air conditioned air. You can even see this yourself that during the winter months when we are more indoor, respiratory illness especially colds and flu’s are much more prevalent

So what can you do to help improve your babies’ health?

– First and foremost make sure that the nursery is well ventilated and situated to allow a free supply of both air and sunlight into the room.
– Taking them outside, for a walk in the stroller or simply sitting with them outside under a tree (weather permitting) can also be very beneficial.
– Provide your baby of lot of sunlight as well.

A study has found that babies sleep longer when exposed to plenty of light in the afternoon, a time when many mothers used to put babies in the garden in their prams or take them to a park.

“One possible explanation for the link between light exposure and sleep is that higher light levels encourage the early development of the biological clock, which regulates a number of bodily functions, including the secretion of melatonin, an important factor in well-balanced sleeping patterns,” said Dr Harrison (study published in the Journal of Sleep Research).

Studies found that babies who slept well at night were exposed to twice as much light between the hours of midday and 4pm as the poor sleepers.

Both appetite and sleep are improved by fresh air and light exposure. The digestion is better, the cheeks become pink, and healthy signs are seen in the child who is privileged to breathe fresh air and sunlight.


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