Fresh Air – Change Your Perspective, Change Your Mood

Looking out the window into the fresh morning air makes me remember just how simple it truly is to change our opinions, actions and results. As we develop our habits and daily patterns we run on ‘auto piolt’ most of the time. We get up in the morning with the same attitude as yesterday, eat the same breakfast, even tie our shoes without much thought, if any. Is it any wonder why we feel bored, run down and uninspired? In order to bring passion back into your life you need to remember the simple pleasure of what a breath of fresh air feels like.

When you are feeling overwhelmed simply taking a deep breath will help you relax. In fact, taking a few slow deep breaths can shift how you are feeling. It is a cleansing, out with the old and in with the new…. cleaning out the cobwebs. After a car sits out in the sun on a hot day it is filled with hot stagnant air. As soon as you open the door a shift happens, letting go of the hot air as the cool fresh air mixes inside the car. The same will happen with your opinions, actions and results if you are willing to let go of old limiting beliefs that are leaving you stuck in a rut.

As simple as a few deep breaths are to do, many times it is over looked and not done. “What is easy to do, is also easy not to do” Jim Rohn simply stated. Many times we think we need to make huge changes in our lives to get the outcome we want, the opposite is actually true. By making small simple daily changes we can change our opinions and actions to achieve the results we want. Try to pick one or two things you want to focus on. Just becoming more aware of when a ‘breath of fresh air’ is helpful will remind you to take one and make the shift you want.

I believe you have the key to unlock your true potential. You have the power to transform your life.


Tami Stover, CTACC

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